How do sessions work?
Standard family portrait sessions are $150, newborn sessions $200 and little sitters (6-12 months) $125. Your fee covers the photographer’s talent and time on the day, image selection and editing and ordering session. Few weeks before your session we will have a quick pre-consult on the phone to discuss details including the location, what to wear and some other info which helps ensure we get the best result on the day.

What can I expect from a session?
Fun, lots of giggles and snuggling close to your family. I want the session to be a positive event for everybody!

What happens after a session?
Your proofs will be ready in within two weeks. I will contact you for in person viewing with edited gallery. I will go through with you different product options customised to your own gallery of images. Once full payment is received,  prints will be ordered (this can take up between 3-4 weeks).

Can I purchase the digital files?
Yes, digital files can be purchased either in collections or as a complete set, which includes the rights to reproduce your images.

What should I wear to my session?
Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel good. Try to avoid big logos and patterns that may clash, and if possible have everyone in a similar colour palette for group shots (colours should complement each other rather than having everyone in “matching uniforms”). If you would like to get some ideas, have a look through the portrait galleries and see what other families have worn, or check out my styling board on pinterest.

What if it rains or me or my child get sick?
If it rains on the morning of the shoot we can play it by ear. If the skies clear up we may be able to shoot later in the day, otherwise sessions can be rescheduled for another time. Likewise, if you can’t make the session time due to sickness or illness, shoots can be rescheduled for another date.

What products do you offer?
Prints and enlargements are available in a variety of sizes. Framing, albums, storyboards (collages) and a few other specialty items are also available.

Where do sessions take place?
I am surrounded by a number of fantastic locations that I can suggest for your session including the beach, parks and gardens, and alleyways for those wanting a more urban look. I can also come to your home or another location of your choice. I use your pre-session consult to have a chat about the style you would like for your images, or what location best suits your family, and we make a decision from there.

How long will our portrait session go for?
Sessions typically last for 1- 1.5 hours, however there is no set time limit. Newborn session can take a bit longer 2-3 hours as we might need to stop for a feed or to settle your baby to sleep.

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes, gift certificates can be arranged in any amount and posted to you.

I would love to book a maternity session, when is the best time for this?
It can differ a little for each woman but somewhere around 7-8 months is usually a good time, when your belly is nice and round but before you start to feel too heavy and uncomfortable.

I would love to book a newborn session, when is the best time for this?
If you would love to have images of your tiny newborn curled up and sleepy, these photographs are captured best in the first two weeks, preferably between 5-10 days old. So contact me when you are pregnant so I can place your due date in my calendar well ahead of time.

Is there anything else I should know?
The entire process from booking your session to receiving your prints may take some time depending on time of year and your choice of presentation options. Please keep this in mind if you would like your images to be ready for a special occasion such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Christmas.

I’m ready to book! What now?
Great! Bookings can be made via email or telephone. Contact me today and we can get going!

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